Areas of interest

aree-di-interesseAlways committed to providing advice and recommendations suited to the specifics of each individual client (whether a company, association and/or individual), with a view to identifying specific differences, the aim of the International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners is to comprehend exactly the needs of clients and to seek appropriate choices not directed towards spending money, according to the vision that a satisfied client brings new ones.

The objective is to achieve positive results, by striving to understand the actual needs and objectives of our clients, thereby avoiding advice and recommendations that, although correct, are not at all useful and/or productive. We believe that only in this way is it possible to provide the advice, guidance and assistance necessary for reaching and making reliable decisions, even of a commercial nature, in order to ensure these objectives, by understanding the risks, opportunities and respective costs.

Nothing prevents consultancy, orientations and assistance from involving, besides the staff of the International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners, also other external partners specialised in our fields of expertise (accountants, employment consultants, engineers, surveyors, architects, and chemists, etc.); all for the purpose of finding and creating a solid and efficient solution to various cases, regardless of how complex or difficult they may appear.

Our firm possess the technical expertise, knowledge and experience necessary for achieving the best results, also indicating the times for assistance, whether out of court or in court, and the respective costs.

In addition, it can provide its clients with constant updates on the main legislative, case-law and doctrinal developments in each subject of greatest interest, by way of its own newsletter.

Current sectors of activity (consultancy, legal support and/or representation in court) of greatest relevance: Procurement Contracts, Insurance, Banking, Private Clients, Communications, Litigation, Contracts, Energy & Utilities, Government Agencies (c/o Office of the President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic), Mergers and Acquisitions, Industry, Infrastructure, Financial Institutions, Employment, Media & Entertainment, Fashion and Luxury, Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Construction, Reorganisation and Bankruptcy, Services, Corporate, Telecommunications, Transport and Tax.