Ecclesiastical Law

For many years the International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners has provided considerable assistance to entities, associations, churches, projects and missions, whether in Italy or internationally, addressing various legal aspects inherent to Ecclesiastical Law.

In particular:

  • drafting of articles of association and by-laws for entities, associations, churches, projects and missions;
  • drafting of Policy Documents on Security and Privacy;
  • consultancy and assistance on the management of financial funds and bank and/or postal current accounts (e.g. to respect anti-money laundering regulation);
  • identifying government and/or private financial instruments for the achievement of objectives;
  • loan agreements, financing, bonds and investments funds,
  • subordinate, quasi-subordinate and casual employment contracts;
  • volunteer contracts;
  • drafting of partnership agreements between entities, associations, churches, projects and missions, whether Italian or foreign (European and non-European);
  •  leasing, subleasing and loan for use agreements;
  • con-dominion and disciplinary regulations for shared ownership;
  • purchase, sale and donations of personal property and real estate;
  • assistance in the execution of holographic wills;
  • drafting of written legal opinions to be submitted to Ministerial Government Entities, Prefectures and Police Offices, etc.,
  • assistance in the execution of power and utilities contracts;
  • assistance in organising awareness networks and campaigns;
  • consultancy for entry to schools, universities, social centres, libraries,  hospitals, nursing homes, jails and recovery and/or rehabilitation centres; 
  • assistance in the establishment of nursery, primary and secondary schools, whether private and/or legally recognised;
  • assistance in the establishment of foundations and partnership agreements  with foreign universities for the recognition of qualifications in Italy;
  • organisation of humanitarian aid (food, medicines, school stationery and clothing) for the needy in Italy and abroad; 
  • assistance in the organisation of cultural, religious and sporting events.
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