Corporate Law (Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets and Antitrust Competition)

From A to Z, without disregarding any letter of the alphabet (whether in Italian or not). Articles of association and by-laws of joint-stock companies (S.p.A.) and limited liability companies (S.r.l.);

  • opening of branch offices of foreign companies and/or transferring and assigning businesses and business branches;
  • administrative management: Board and shareholders’ meeting resolutions, powers of attorney, adoption of insurance forms, Corporate Governance and shareholders’ agreements;
  • creating consortium, voluntary associations and for-profit entities;
  • shareholder loans and contributions, assets intended for specific matters;
  • acquisition, sale, exchange and assignment of shares and ownership interests, bond issues, stock options and guarantees;
  • voluntary liquidation of companies and assistance in bankruptcy proceedings, assistance in court and out of court;
  • management of bad debts and recovery of receivables;
  • national and international arbitration;
  • mediation and ADR.

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