Commercial Law (Private Equity)

The International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners provides support to its clients and recommends the best strategies in the management of their business, through support in the drafting of various types of commercial contracts, including:

  • sale, tender, distribution, agency and franchising contracts;
  • assignment or leasing of businesses and business branches;
  • factoring, leasing, lease-back and sureties;
  • contracts for consultancy services, technical support and outsourcing;
  • long-term supply agreements;
  • advertising, sponsorship and merchandising contracts;
  • contracts governing relations between agencies, media and clients (creativity and advertising planning);
  • contracts for the purchase of advertising space (TV, radio, print and Internet);
As well as:
  • implementation of E-commerce platforms;
  • registration and protection of domain names;
  • procedure di riassegnazione dei domain names;
  • processes for reassigning domain names;
  • fight against counterfeiting and unfair competition perpetrated on the Internet;
  • evaluation of messages and analysis of possible legal risks resulting from unfair competition actions;
  • verification of advertising campaigns and assistance in the choice of trademarks and slogans;
  • assistance in proceedings before the Advertising Self-Discipline Jury;
  • assistance in proceedings before the Competition and Market Authority;
  • planning and implementation of advertising campaigns.

The International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners also offers legal advice to companies wishing to set up their business on the web and on any dispute in or outside of court.