Civil Law

The International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners operates in all areas of civil law, privileging the out-of-court and pre litigation to avoid gruelling judgements. Civil law regulates the inter-objective relations between individuals in relation to the sphere of property, personal and family. It is based on a set of rules governing relations between individuals in the areas of persons (natural and legal) and the family, succession, obligations, contracts and civil liability. Thanks to the quality and competence developed, the International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners, stands as a valid support in all the various matters related to civil law, where, thanks to a constant updating and alignment with the latest doctrinal and jurisprudential pronouncements, it develops granitic competence and refinement of litigation and litigation sponsored. In particular, the International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners deals with the following issues for civil law:

  • Rights in Rem (Ownership – Possession – Usucapion – Usufruct – Leases);
  • National and international debt recovery (Injunctive Decree, Precept, Foreclosures, Executions, real estate, with third parties);
  • Contracts (Real Estate, Securities, Franchising, Labour, Corporate, etc.);
  • Contractual and Extra Contractual Liability (Contract and Protection);
  • Ill health and medical responsibility;
  • Sports Law (Trademark Protection, Assistance and Proxy Players / Athletes), establishment of Sports Associations and Societies, judicial and out-of-court assistance for Sports Societies and professional and amateur athletes.

The proven experience in the various subjects listed offers to the clients of the International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners better protection in relation to the cases presented, the best solutions proposed, beyond an unfailing sense of security and serenity in the dispute and in the relations with the requested authorities in the cases in question.