Real Estate Law

The International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners can assist investors and managers, whether domestic or international, operating in the Italian real estate market, including in the commercial and hospitality sectors.

Offers advice and assistance for the following specific activity sectors:

  • acquisition, disinvestment and appraisal of real estate;
  • direct purchase or purchase of real estate companies or through funds;
  • handling of the legal aspects of the financial structure of the acquisition;
  • management and leasing contracts;
  • project finance (completion of business hubs, shopping centres, industrial and logistical structures and civil works);structured finance (securitization of lease, mortgage loan and real estate payments);
  • capital market;
  • government and private real estate funds;
  • assistance involved in all the phases of promotion, establishment and launch of the fund;
  • establishment of the legal structure, according to the activities of due diligence;
  • preparation of the contractual documentation relating to the fund’s equity and financing for the purchase of the real estate;
  • leasing of the real estate in the fund (master lease, etc.).