Christian Concern Italy


Christian Concern Italy” is an organisation affiliated with “Christian Concern”, an important advocacy and legal support group based in London – Great Britain, which is at the forefront of almost all of the biggest political and religious battles in which the Christian faith has been challenged and threatened.

Christian Concern has launched various awareness campaigns on various issues, including religious freedom, freedom of expression, equality, education, marriage and family, abortion, euthanasia and Islamic influence, which is increasingly predominant.

Christian Concern Italy” would like to propose again to Italy the new and exciting vision of defending the truth of the Gospel and the free choice of living according to one’s faith, in a period in which the freedom to act and speak according to one’s conscience has never been so at risk in Europe.

The intention is to do this with a work plan, an awareness campaign; as well as through legal proceedings, by representing any clients who have been penalised due to their Christian faith.

We wish to see Jesus represented in Italy and the Christian faith shape our nation (our country) for future generations.

Together, Christian Concern and Christian Concern Italy, aspire to put Christian advocacy at the forefront throughout Europe.


Christian Concern Italy is committed to defending a broad range of individuals, churches and organisations that have suffered discrimination and difficulties due to their desire to live and work according to faith in the Bible.

In particular, we would like to help and represent Christians who are fighting for their freedom of expression and conscience, on a pro – bono basis, following a careful assessment and consequent approval of the case by our internal legal office.

In this regard, Palma & Partners, together with Christian Concern Italy, intend to promote legal studies by Christian young people in Italy, thereby encouraging cultural and missionary exchanges with associations, churches, missions and/or similar entities, in Italy and abroad, as well as publish and publicise legal texts of Christian relevance. The intention is to promote a vision in defence of the Christian faith, even in the legal realm.

Christian Concern in London has been deeply committed to the defence of the faith and freedom of expression, for many people. Two cases have been brought before the European Court of human rights (e.g., freedom of religion and freedom of conscience). 

Public Life

Christian Concern Italy aspires to be a strong voice in the public sphere, by influencing laws, public opinion and the government, on the basis of Christian values, giving rise to a Christian institutional conscience and politics. All this in defence of the historical freedoms achieved over time. We believe that by doing this, the whole of society shall benefits.

We seek to highlight injustices and change public opinion regarding problems (subject, matters) of key importance, such as to influence political decisions at every and at the highest level.

Among the issues of particular significance to us are: Abortion, Adoption, Sexual Orientations, Marriage, Education, Employment / Work, End of Life, Equality, Family, Freedom of Expression, Social Problems and Religious Freedom.

Join Us

We kindly ask you to join us so that together we can seek to have a significant impact on civil society; in our determination to promote the Kingdom of God in Italy and furthermore to see the Christian faith shape our nation for future generations.