Professional Civil Liability

Professional Civil Liability is an obligation established by the D.P.R. 137/2012, which guarantees the freelancer from claims for damages for errors, omissions, professional negligence and contractual liability caused to third parties, including customers.

Here are a series of guarantees that can be included in the policy to customise the coverage to the needs of the Freelancer:

  • damage to property;
  • contractual civil liability;
  • minor and gross negligence;
  • fraud of employees / employees;
  • violation of privacy;
  • tax penalties imposed on policyholders’ clients for professional error;
  • costs and legal fees;
  • conduct of the study;
  • retro activity of insurance cover;
  • loss of documents;
  • defamation and insult. 

The International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners offers its professional and academic skills for the protection of the Italian Freelancer (Architects – Engineers –Accountants– Surveyors – Manufacturing consultants- Doctors – Lawyers – Revisers – Geologists – Agronomists – Agrarian Consultants – Company of processing data– apartment block administrators -Biologists – Job Consultants – Accountants and Commercial Experts – Food Technologists – belonging to the Regulated Professions, etc.) from the requests of third parties, in Italy and abroad, and vice versa.

Art. 5 D.P.R. 137/2012 – Insurance obligation

1.The trader shall, inter alia by means of collective agreements negotiated by national councils and professional social security bodies, take out appropriate insurance against damage to the customer resulting from the pursuit of the professional activity, including the custody of documents and valuables received by the customer. The trader must inform the client, at the time of taking office, of the details of the professional policy, its ceiling and any subsequent changes.

2.The violation of the provision referred to in paragraph 1 constitutes a disciplinary offence. (…).