Intellectual Property

The International Business Law Firm Palma & Partners provides:

  • Legal protection for intellectual property rights;
  • Work for the prevention of and fight against counterfeiting; implementation of customs surveillance pursuant to (EC) Regulation no. 1383/2003 and management of the entire procedure;
  • Contract services relating to the production, protection, transfer and licensing of software;
  • Advice on copyrights;
  • Advice on the management of rights over music recordings, radio and TV broadcasting rights and other related rights; film and audiovisual productions; digital photography;
  • Assistance in unfair competition cases;
  • Assistance regarding anti-counterfeiting, competition, commercial contracts and M&A transactions;
  • Consultancy on the registration of trademarks, patents, designs and models and verification of the possibility of registration, whether in Italy or abroad (copyright);
  • Assistance in procedures to challenge and cancel trademarks, patents, designs and models before EU entities;
  • Licensing, franchising, merchandising and transfer (sale, assignment or acquisition) contracts as to intellectual and industrial property rights;

The firm offers itself as a partner for the evaluation and choice of the best legal strategy in order to exploit IP assets. It is appropriate to note here that a patent provides temporary protection (up to 20 years from fling) for inventions and it is possible to apply for a patent on a national level through the Patents Office, or on a European level through the European Patents Office or even on an international level though the World Intellectual Property Organisation in Geneva.Bu